A Little Affection Can Go a Long Way for Your Relationship

As a young adult, I grew up aiming for the moon when I expressed love, admiration, and appreciation in relationships. Sometimes it felt like the next thing I did to for love had to be bigger and better. This almost always left me feeling exhausted and depressed, which later led to feelings inadequacy and disconnection in the relationship. Researchers showed that the little things are actually what matter the most to our partners. Sure it would be nice to hire a sky typer to display your romantic gesture weekly across the sky, but eventually that will lose its charm. I’ve listed some simple and easy tips on how you can demonstrate love in small ways.

Pack your partner’s lunch, leave them little love notes, open the door for them, if its cold and they have to leave early for an appointment go start the car so its warm, make rituals with each other, be present, kiss often, intentionally stare into their eyes, ask them if they need help, listen, tell them when they do something that is special to you, create and continue to build a love map, ask them questions, go on walks with no electronics, have an electronic free hour, ask them what small gestures you can do that would leave them feeling loved.

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