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John Bacon Gilbert - LMFT#125762

My partner and I sat down over coffee and discussed what we would do if we could have any career in the world.  It was no surprise to either of us, if I could do anything in the world I would be a therapist.  I’ve had a lot of passions in my life, I still do, but finding a career as a therapist does not feel like work. 

The development and growth of my clients brings me so much joy.  As a young parent I served as a shipboard fire fighter in the Coast Guard, later I became a small business owner.  I rolled up my sleeves, moving from contractor to IT system analyst.  Today I have the honor of finding my passion as a therapist. 

The highest compliment I can receive is when a couple reaches an increased level of connection with one another that they have not previously experienced. It’s a blessing to be able to find joy, peace, and a true sense of purpose in this work.

When I first learned about Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), I was in awe. Suddenly thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in previous relationships began to make sense. Consequently, it became clear why my relationships felt disconnected, lacked transparency, and felt lonely. I was immediately hooked on EFT and couldn’t wait to learn more.

As a result, my aim as your therapist is to share the same experiential change that I felt with EFT.

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John Bacon Gilbert
John Bacon Gilbert - LMFT#125762

Miranda Linden - AMFT#143240

AMFT #143240 - Supervised By John Bacon Gilbert, LMFT #125762

I am an associate therapist with a profound commitment to transforming couples’ lives through attachment theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). My approach is grounded in compassion, fostering a safe and supportive environment for clients. Through experiential techniques, I guide couples in exploring and reshaping their emotional bonds, facilitating meaningful and lasting connections. With a deep understanding of attachment dynamics, I empower couples to navigate challenges, fostering resilience and promoting a deeper, more fulfilling love. Specializing in couples, LGBTQ+, and teen counseling, I bring an open-minded touch to my practice. My expertise extends to navigating the intricacies of polyamorous and open relationships, fostering understanding and connection. My genuine desire to help people love one another better is the driving force behind my therapeutic approach, creating a safe and nurturing space for clients to explore, heal, and build stronger, more fulfilling connections. If you are someone who seeks a compassionate and open-minded professional to navigate the intricate landscape of diverse relationships and adolescent experiences, I thrive in supporting individuals and groups facing unique challenges within these realms.

For couples seeking therapy, ideal clients are those who recognize the value of enhancing their relationship dynamics. They may be grappling with communication issues, trust issues, or simply navigating the complexities of maintaining a healthy partnership. I excel in creating a safe space for couples to explore their emotions, understand attachment patterns, and rediscover the core strengths that initially brought them together. Ideal clients are willing to engage in the therapeutic process, fostering a commitment to growth and connection. I also embrace the intricacies of non-traditional partnerships. They may be individuals or groups navigating the challenges of multiple concurrent relationships, seeking to establish effective communication and mutual understanding and have openness to exploring various emotional dynamics and a commitment to developing healthy connections. I am a therapist who not only understands but celebrates diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity. These clients may be navigating the challenges associated with societal expectations, self-discovery, or relationship dynamics within the LGBTQ+ context. I strive to be a therapist who creates an affirming and non-judgmental space, allowing them to explore their unique experiences and challenges. These values also transcend to adolescents grappling with the complexities of identity, peer relationships, and family dynamics. These clients may be experiencing issues related to self-esteem, communication, or navigating their evolving sense of self. I promote a therapeutic relationship that balances support and guidance, providing a safe space for self-expression and personal growth.

Miranda Linden - AMFT #143240 - Supervised By John Bacon Gilbert, LMFT #125762
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Emotionally Focused Therapy

Although EFT is a relatively new type of therapy,  it is grounded in Attachment Theory. Attachment Theory was first introduced by Dr. John Bowlby more than 70 years ago. Like Dr. Bowlby, we believe a secure connection is not only needed for children age 0-5, but something adults need as well. Although we learn all sorts of behaviors that may deny our desire for connection, we believe most clients need it.

I have been fortunate to learn from two of the absolute best emotionally focused couple therapist in the world. For the past couple of years I have learned directly under Dr. Lisa Palmer-Olsen and Dr. Scott Woolley.  I continue to develop skills and knowledge in specialized training with George Faller and Dr. Jim Furrow.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wonderful partner and our young family, traveling, hiking, socializing with friends, running, fishing, reading, and exploring our beautiful city.

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John Bacon Gilbert

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