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Premarital Counseling in San Diego

Premarital counseling in San Diego with Couple Connection will help uncover potential problems and help you and your partner build a solid relationship before saying, "I do." Couples therapy between spouses can help resolve conflicts and strengthen the couple's bond resulting in a healthy marriage.

Marrying your special someone is truly the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Unfortunately, marriage isn't a "til death do us part" commitment for half the married couples in this country today.

The reality of marriage is that it's often more difficult to maintain than couples realize, leading to marital complications that could result in divorce. But it doesn’t have to.
Premarital Counseling In San Diego
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Why Do Couples Need to Prepare for Marriage with Premarital Counseling In San Diego?

When you get engaged, you might feel you know the person you’re marrying. You may think you can handle anything that comes your way as long as they are by your side.

However, engagements often come with intense stress, anxiety, and excitement because of the uncertainty of what happens after the wedding ceremony. 

You and your partner could have a fantastic relationship. Healthy relationships don’t always keep you out of couples therapy, and you both could be unprepared for handling life’s ups and downs with a spouse who might have different perspectives, values, and habits.

By attending premarital counseling sessions, you can avoid future couples therapy sessions, and you can be confident your communication skills are sharpened and capable of addressing any size problem. 

Premarital Counseling

What to Expect with Premarital Counseling

At Couples Connection San Diego, we embrace the emotionally focused therapy (EFT) approach to help couples understand and express their emotions while understanding their partners’ perspectives.

Our goal is to help couples improve their closeness by providing the right tools to communicate openly and effectively through emotionally focused therapy.  

Through premarital counseling and couples therapy, engaged couples can learn how to:

  • Prepare for marriage beyond planning a wedding

  • Discuss life-changing topics like children, parenting, infertility, and finances

  • Learn how to compromise and avoid power struggles within the relationship

  • Invest in their partner’s interests, career, and ambitions

  • Be open about their goals, values, and boundaries

  • Explore differences in their love languages and temperaments

  • Understand how childhood triggers could affect marriage

  • How to communicate using conflict resolution skills and healthy communication styles

Premarital therapy sessions aim to ensure that you and your partner are ready for a life-long journey as spouses with a successful marriage living the best-married life.

Marital issues are unavoidable. However, you can better prepare to deal with them before marriage by building a solid foundation with the help of an experienced and non-biased couples therapist.

Differences Between Church-Based and Therapy-Focused Premarital Counseling

People often turn to their churches and religious organizations for counseling before marriage. Church-related counseling centers around religion, which is excellent for couples experiencing conflicts within their faiths.

Receiving counseling from clergy before their nuptials also helps couples have a more meaningful wedding experience and resolve issues that arise while planning the ceremony. 

Premarital counseling with a licensed clinician ensures the engaged couple receives help and skills from someone specializing in couples counseling beyond religious parameters. These sessions are beneficial because they can uncover, explore, and resolve possible challenges in the relationship.

They can also learn how to address complex family situations and develop healthy communication habits to navigate future hurdles.

How to Get the Most From Your Pre-marriage Counseling Sessions

Pre Marital Counseling Session

When you schedule counseling at Couples Connection San Diego, you can expect to work with an experienced therapist who will maintain a neutral stance throughout each session.

We’ll take time to learn as much about you and your partner as possible so that we can better understand your concerns, issues, and perspectives. 

In our office, we don’t establish who’s wrong or right in a relationship. Instead, we help couples learn their potential destructive patterns and develop new ones to facilitate a closer connection. 

The benefits of pre marital counseling can last a lifetime. If you want to make the most of every counseling appointment, consider these tips:

  • Be open to learning new things: People sometimes don’t see the benefits of counseling for their relationships, especially when things are going well. However, you might be unaware of potential problems that could become significant issues after marriage. 

  • Celebrate what works: Premarital counseling isn’t about finding the bad in yourself or your partner. It’s a way to learn more about yourself and your future spouse, which could bring you closer. 

  • Trust the process: Premarital counselors are not here to judge anyone or point out the flaws in a relationship. They are specialists who will help you and your future spouse identify potential blind spots within your relationship and give you the tools you need to resolve them together. 

Build A Strong Foundation and Eliminate Future Problems

Build A Strong Foundation For Your Marriage

If you had a machine in your home that was responsible for producing $200,000 of income per year, wouldn’t you do routine maintenance on that machine to ensure it continues to provide financial stability?

You and your spouse ARE that machine and pre marital counseling is the routine maintenance to help it thrive. 

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