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Self-Care and Side Hustles: How to Balance the Two and Grow Into Your Best Self

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Whether you plan to turn your side hustle into your career or simply want to make some extra cash, the truth is that, while rewarding, side gigs can be exhausting. Though you may already operate on a tight schedule, it’s important that you find time for self-care. Below are a few reasons why followed by the best self-care activities for your schedule and well-being.

The Importance of Self-Care

The term “self-care” and the dozens of others associated with it — including “self-love,” “self-compassion” and “wellness” — seem to be everywhere these days. Because of its prevalence, you may be tempted to write self-care off as another passing fad. Don’t, as it does have notable benefits:

Each of these benefits can lead to better health and greater satisfaction in life. They can also help energize you and allow you to tackle your side hustle with the vigor and attention it deserves.

Stand-Alone Self-Care Activities

In your self-care journey, you will discover that there are stand-alone self-care activities, which you will do in your free time to improve your mental health, and then there are your habitual self-care activities. You can learn more about habitual self-care behaviors below but first, check out these beneficial stand-alone tricks:

Habitual Self-Care Activities

People who truly value self-care make it part of their daily lives. What does that look like, you may wonder? Below are a few examples of how you can make self-compassion a normal way of life:

Balancing work, life and a side job will not be easy. However, by making time for self-care, you may find that you were born for the hustle. Don’t forget to take care of your personal relationships while you’re at it! See how Couples Connection San Diego can help.

Guest author Shelia Johnson from Well Sheila.

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