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Therapy for Military Members

It's no secret that being in the military can take a toll on a person and their family. Regardless of which military branch a person is a part of, the grueling schedules, deployments, separation from relatives, and uncertainty about the future can lead to complex mental health conditions, isolation, and other problems.

Even retired members of the Coast Guard, Navy, Marine Corps, and other agencies can struggle with their relationships due to their time in the service. However, therapy for military members by Couples Connection San Diego can help you and your partner overcome the challenges caused by military service. We can help you and your family cope with and adjust to service-related stressors and behaviors.
Therapy For Military Members
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The Difficulties of Addressing Relationship and Mental Health Issues in Military Personnel

It’s not uncommon for married couples and long-term partners to have strained relationships when one or both individuals are in the military. Unlike civilians, military families often deal with specific problems. For instance, a military couple must cope with their partner being away from home for months, deal with post-traumatic stress, and manage severe internalized stress–not to mention PCS moves.

Most military personnel encounter combat, long work hours, violence, stress, and a demand to compartmentalize home life from work. As such, it could cause them to develop undesirable behaviors like substance abuse and rage, affecting their relationships. Unfortunately, the armed services don’t always prioritize the mental health of their members and their partners, leading to many people viewing therapy as a sign of weakness.  That’s how I saw it when I was on active duty. 

Whether you are an active military member or a vet, you and your family deserve help moving forward despite the dangers and stress of your chosen profession. Instead of accepting marital dysfunctions, couples therapy and therapy for military members can help you and your partner face and overcome your issues. 

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Healing Oneself through Military and Family Life Counseling

Uniformed military members and veterans often view military and civilian life as separate worlds. However, we use therapy for military members as a safe space to uncover and resolve the trauma and misunderstandings contributing to marital complications. At Couples Connection San Diego, we accomplish this through emotionally focused therapy (EFT)

EFT is a therapeutic approach that brings your emotions to the forefront through a collaborative process. We can help you and your partner reorganize your emotional responses to accomplish emotional balance with responsive engagement through EFT. 

Our mission is to use EFT to help you and your spouse become more aware of your emotions, describe how you feel, identify your multi-layered emotional experiences, and regulate your feelings. We’ll explore your military-related challenges and help you navigate your emotions surrounding unresolved trauma, marital problems, and other concerns. 

Reasons to Begin Therapy for Military Members and Their Partners

The military has a long history of stigmatizing mental health and therapy. However, we aren’t here to judge you or your needs. Couples Connection San Diego’s therapy for military members are here to provide support, help you reconnect with your partner, become a more effective communicator, and heal from unresolved issues. 

Retired and active military members often seek counseling support for themselves and their loved ones who need help with:

  • Managing depression, anxiety, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and other mental health issues
  • Coping with deployments and familial separations
  • Adjusting to civilian life after military service
  • Overcoming risky behaviors like alcoholism, drug abuse, and anger issues
  • Healing from sexual harassment and assault
  • Communication problems

How to Approach Therapy for Military Members Before the First Session

When you and your partner are ready to try counseling, remember that we understand the stressors that military personnel and their partners experience and how they can affect a relationship. Are you ready to receive help, speak honestly in a safe, confidential space about your concerns, and traumas with an unbiased therapist?

As we explore your hurdles, we will provide you with the best tools to communicate with your partner and improve your relationship’s foundation. 

Types of Help Military Personnel and Family Members Can Receive Through Therapy

Since military personnel have distinct, complex issues, they require specific counseling services. For instance, poor communication resulting in hypercriticism is a common problem for military couples. Unfortunately, hypercriticism may lead to a destructive pattern causing partners to feel unheard and invalidated. 

Military therapists also have the skills necessary to help military members and their spouses with mental health-related concerns, including post-traumatic stress and anxiety. Though one person could suffer from a mental health problem, the effects of the condition can affect the marital relationship. 

Therapy for military members from Couples Connection San Diego can put military personnel and their loved ones on the path to wellness. Contact us today at (858) 284-6779 for a free 15-minute consultation. 

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