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Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get.


How do I know if I'm in love?

Each year this is a question that is searched millions of times on google. Many people try to define love, yet google results in thousands of variations. In fact, you may have even found this page from your own search for a definition of love. Unfortunately, I don’t have a definite clear cut answer as one might find by searching “what is my ip address?” The easiest way to describe love is that its a feeling. Although that is a simple answer, it still does not answer the question of how does one know they are in love.

How long can I expect to attend therapy?

Sessions at Couple Connection San Diego are 50-60 minutes in length. I have the ability to hold sessions online for any client who resides in the state of California. EFT is a short term model. What does that mean? Short term generally means 8-20 sessions. Some difficulties are buried with layers of hurt or trauma, which may require more sessions.

Do you only work with couples?

No. I see individuals seeking therapy for various reasons such as depression, anxiety, addiction, over-active sexual behavior, career changes, self-esteem, divorce, victims of sexual abuse, and many more challenges. I also see families and hold group therapy sessions.

I've heard therapy is expensive, how much does it cost?

It depends how you define expensive. Science has shown us that connection helps to fend off illnesses, so if you consider counseling as a preventative medicine its relatively inexpensive. We change the oil in our cars, replace the tires, and conduct general maintenance without question because it is our transportation, but how often do we change the oil in our relationships or go in for routine tune-ups? I have a reduced fee that allows flexibility from my standard session fee which ranges from $235-$150.

I don't have time, how long do the sessions last?

Sessions vary in time length from 50-60 minutes. I make every possible effort to begin and end sessions on time. My location is off I-15 and Carrol Canyon Road. If drive time is a concern, I also hold sessions online.

I'm concerned that my partner won't like working with a male therapist.

That’s okay. I want therapy to be a comfortable experience for everyone. Furthermore, I am here to help you so if I am not hitting the mark, I want you to get the help you need. Not all therapist are the same so I hope you will give someone else another chance. I am always happy to provide you with referrals for other therapist.

Why are you a couples therapist?

I have always been drawn to listening and observing relationship interactions. Unfortunately, it took much of my life to believe I had the ability to make it a career. I feel recharged and whole when I am able to help someone. To watch clients pick up their beds and walk again, is the bright spot in my day. It is the most fulfilling work I’ve done in my entire life.

Can you help with depression?


Do you share details about my life?

Short answer-NO-marriage and family therapist are held to strict laws regarding the release of information. Upon the start of therapy, we will go over our privileged communication in my informed consent. The informed consent protects you from having information disclosed without your approval.

I want to schedule and appointment, how do I begin?

I am excited and honored that you want to work with me. Please sign up for a free 15 minute consultation where you'll learn about the services we offer and then make a decision if you want to move forward with therapy.

How do I find the right therapist?

Finding the right therapist is quite important. First and foremost, one of the most important things is that you feel comfortable and feel confident that your therapist can help. There are a multitude of qualifications and certifications a therapist may obtain. Emotionally Focused Therapy is the main therapy model that I use. There are several levels of training and certification. You can find information about those levels of training on the ICEEFT website.
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