Couples Therapy in San Diego

Couple Connection San Diego's unique approach helps couples improve communication, increase intimacy, and strengthen their relationship.

It's not uncommon for married couples to reach a plateau in their relationships that may trigger disconnection, poor communication, or broken trust. Sometimes the problem leads to infidelity, conflict, abuse, or isolation. In other situations, spouses simply need a way to reclaim the intimacy and romance they once had with each other.

Couples therapy from Couple Connection San Diego can help partners move through their conflicts and disconnections to rebuild their relationship. Though marital problems will arise, neither you nor your partner has to live life feeling unheard or misunderstood. Couples therapy allows you a space to gain insight into your relationship and learn how to have a more secure relationship.
Couples Therapy in San Diego
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What Is Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling is a series of confidential sessions with a licensed therapist focusing on understanding your relationship’s shortcomings and overcoming them. With guidance and support from the therapist, you and your partner will learn about yourselves and each other. The therapy sessions are a safe space to work through your relationship’s difficulties and find ways to resolve them.  My job is to be out of a job and I do that by building the skills in you to overcome challenges.

Despite the benefits of couples therapy, it still carries a stigma. People assume counseling is only necessary if a marriage is at risk of failing or that it won’t help anyone improve their situation. However, the therapy works for couples of any background by teaching them how to:

  • Acknowledge and address conflicts
  • Process complex emotions and thoughts
  • Learn how to listen to their partners with patience
  • Move away from unhealthy habits and embrace sustainable relationship dynamics
  • See, understand, and respect their spouse
  • Rekindle their love and bond with their partner
Couples Therapy

When Is the Right Time to Seek Marriage Counseling?

You don’t have to have a “bad” marriage to benefit from couples therapy. You might need help reconnecting with your spouse or learning to compromise without one person feeling like the marriage has a power imbalance. 

However, if you and your partner are experiencing any of these issues, consider attending marriage counseling for support:

  • Constant fights, disagreements, or conflicts
  • Differences in beliefs, values, and decision-making processes
  • A lack of sex or intimacy
  • Infidelity or a lack of trust
  • Ineffective communication
  • Complex family or friend dynamics
  • Major life changes
  • Financial stress or strain
  • Feeling misunderstood, disconnected, or disrespected
  • Disagreements over child-rearing or parenting styles

How We Address Couples Therapy and Relationship Issues

At Couples Connection San Diego, we strive to help couples improve their communication, boost their intimacy, and strengthen their bond. Couples therapists utilize many therapeutic approaches to achieve similar goals. However, we find that emotionally focused therapy (EFT) benefits all couples regardless of age, race, gender, religion, and sexuality. 

Our emotions are guides that help us define preferences and make decisions. EFT is a therapeutic approach that suggests:

  • Emotional unawareness is destructive
  • Emotional avoidance may causes negative life experiences
  • Ignoring or avoiding your emotional responses may hinder the ability to process your feelings later in life


We start every therapy session assuming that every couple wants help growing old together. We will use EFT techniques to help you and your spouse become more aware of your emotions, how to understand them, and what strategies are best for coping with them. Using EFT, Couples Connection San Diego helps restore marital and familial relationships that aren’t thriving.

Unfortunately, marital conflicts become destructive cycles of verbal attacks and harmful behavior that may breed resentment and anger. The longer the cycle continues, the more complicated it becomes, which makes some couples feel like divorce is the only solution. In some cases, spouses might not divorce but become withdrawn or retaliative. 

Relationship-damaging cycles look different for every couple. However, couples therapy and EFT can help couples reestablish their connections and build stronger foundations to break the cycle and move toward a greater life together. 

What You Could Expect with Couples Therapy at Couple Connection San Diego

Couple Connection offers free, no-obligation consultations for couples therapy. During the consultation, we will get a general understanding of your concerns. In the first session, you and your partner will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, needs, and problems individually and as a couple.

The information you provide will help your therapist understand the gist of your problems. As the sessions continue, you’ll learn EFT techniques to improve your communication and emotional responses. Our couples therapy follows a short-term model, so most couples require eight to 20 sessions to get the tools they need to achieve a healthier relationship. 

Call Couple Connection San Diego at (858) 284-6779 or click the button below for a free 15-minute consultation if you are ready to work toward relationship satisfaction with your partner through couples therapy.

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Couples Therapy in San Diego

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