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Couple therapist list 5 things they wish you didn’t do during sessions



I’ve not seen a client face to face since March 13th, 2020. That was the day many of the shelves in San Diego stores were bare. When news broke, I was in a training conference with other couple therapists. Looking back, it was such a powerful experience to see, hear, and process the changes we all were ill-prepared to face. From that day in March, I have been seeing couples online, via Telehealth.


I’ve only witnessed a couple of the items on this list, but I thought why not share it. After all, one of the most connective ways to feel less alone is to relate. With such a large part of our population working from home, its not just San Diego therapists who develop “do/don’t” list in our heads. What are some of the things you wish your client (or your therapist) didn’t do during session? I was seeing a therapist who read the notes from the previous session as they created small talk about my week. I could see the therapist’s eyes as they followed the sentence from left to right. This therapist also typed their notes during the session. It was quite distracting and I certainly didn’t feel like they were “with” me.

Please share your pet peeves. Us therapists are not perfect and I welcome the feedback.

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