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The Silent Killer of Loving Relationships

Silent Killer of Loving relationships

Toxic thoughts can enter our minds at any time. Although we may not initially invite them in, once here, they can stick around for a while. These unwelcome visitors tend to grow and multiple as we give them more attention. We know that ignoring them will reduce their validity, but how does one go about changing thought patterns? It’s not easy, that’s for sure! The first step is knowing they are present and likely unfounded. In other words, bringing awareness to your mind that these are thoughts, can often times be helpful.

The brief article below outlines some of these silent killers to relationships. Just outlining them and obtaining awareness is rarely enough. Some times, it can be helpful to attend a small group, individual therapy, or couple or family therapy to find relief. Furthermore, keeping them locked inside and talking about them to a trusted person, would be like watering weeds and expecting them to die. One important factor to consider in what I just said was “trusted person.” It is vitally important that you protect your relationship. Furthermore, talking to someone whom you are romantically attracted to is not advisable. Doing so may only serve to give the silent killer a voice that becomes louder.

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